Food & Nutrition

In a time of major environmental destruction any future visioning has to include regeneration activities and

as about 1/3rd of our resources are being used on our food production, regenerative agriculture is a major aspect.


Events with a clean green footprint/ foodprint we can assist a transition in society by showcasing how it is done.

One of the main elements is how we source the food provided during the event.

The bottom line is that as much as possible gets purchased fresh from local farms that are using environmentally friendly farming techniques.

Other values of sustainable food sourcing are:

- choose plant-based foods

- little or un- processed

- less and eco-friendly packaging

- as much local and seasonal produce as possible

- from regenerative, organic, bio-dynamic agriculture or from peoples backyards and permaculture gardens

- only get what you need - less waste!



A suggestion to any event attracting health and/or environmentally aware people is to source at least 50% locally outside of supermarkets.



Features we provide:


  • Consultancy to organisers on how to source more environmentally and health friendly nourishing food. (for the crew kitchen etc)
  • Food Boxes for punters (before the event punters choose to get a fresh food box instead of shopping themselves)
  • Communal food option as part of tickets (X$ extra for one main meal each day)



Why: Whats wrong with what we eat?

What is sustainable Food? 

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