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Volunteers are a critical element of the global Festival Scene and can also be a very time intensive (sometimes challenging) aspect of running and coordinating festivals.

This section of FestLinx is designed to link you into resources, services and communities of other relevant festival stakeholders impacting volunteer recruitment, resourcing, management, conflict resolution and supporting services.

FestLinx also offers a range of resources and services for volunteers to access.

How to locate and apply for festivals,

Plan travel across multiple festivals nationally and internationally,

Gain resources,


Community engagement for new roles and responsibilities across different festivals,

Collaborate with other volunteers and crews across festivals and festival team/areas,

Provide your experiences and constructive feedback across festivals and countries.

Track your volunteering experiences,

Easy to apply for future roles, and

much more...


            Volunteers Sections:


Recruiting Volunteers

Training Volunteers Portal - Online

Training Volunteers External Organisations

First Aid, WWCC, RSA, OH&S, Etc.

Communication Tools

Team Building Tools


Conflict Resolution Tools and Services

Volunteers Forum

Monthly Community Meeting