Why So Serious?

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FESTLINX supports the event Industry and everyone involved in it.


FESTLINX acknowledges that the majority of organisers volunteer most of their time


FESTLINX values the many industries, people and the broader community to ensure events and festivals are successful.


FESTLINX is an industry wide approach with the aim to build audiences and help events showcase the industry.


Through the FESTLINX project, we have been able to assist events to be more compliant, safe and well run and supports agencies to be able to communicate directly with the organisers, and facilitate sector-wide communication, collaboration and promotion.


The most crucial element of this project is the skilling of Event Organisers and their volunteers to support the efficient management of Festivals and encourage the professional development of the individuals with the view of raising their employment prospects with other events around the region and nationally.


By including online forums and networking discussions and freely publishing “how-to-do” templates,


FESTLINX is a repository for resources and encourages organisational skills, shared learning and community-driven ownership.


Festlinx can provide a place where festivals can map out elements of their operation with online tools.


So for the next few months we are beta testing various services for Volunteer Training, Recruitment, Market Stalls, Performers and installation Artists.

Maybe you would like to be kept informed? be part of an early Beta Team?

Register here

if so we invite you to create a user and we will be in touch.

It is our goal to soft launch this coming Winter 2020 to be ready to shape the events industry in the 21 century.



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